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AirScents Vacuum Storage Bags Fresh Linen 2pcs

  • Scented space saver, ideal for clothing, bedding and cushions.

    Saves upto 70% more space.

    Available fragrances: Fresh Linen, Jasmine, Pink Bouquet

    Dimensions: 60 x 80cm (Approx.)

    • Made in P.R.C

  • 1. Preparing
    Make sure your clothing, quilts and bedding etc are dry before putting them into the storage bag.

    2. Storage
    Fold your clothing and bedding according to the bag size and then tightly place them into the storage bag. Be sure to leave about 5cm between the zip and stored items. This will enable the zip to close properly when sealing.

    3. Zip clip
    Close the zip clip from left to right to make sure the bag is well sealed.

    4. To remove air
    Open suction valve a little to allow air to be sucked out using a vacuum cleaner hose.

    5. Tighten Valve
    Make sure the valve is tight enough to stop air escaping.

  • Warning : To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from babies, children and pets.