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Rubbish Bin

  • The double lid trash can offers unparallel ease of use and functionality for a trash can. For quick and easy access, use the foot pedal, for longer usage such as sorting through old items to discard trash, open it with the hand level so that the upper lid reminds open during your sorting and disposing. 

    Furthermore, if the trash you are disposing produces odours, fear not, the rubbish bin is tight fitted so that when closed it can dramatically reduce any smells from escaping, keeping your room clean and smelling pleasant.

    We have five sizes available: 8L, 10L, 15L, 20L and 30L

    • Double lid

    • Small slim design

    • Inner black handles to secure plastic bag

    • Suitable for Kitchen, office, bedroom and washroom

    • Made from Polypropylene

    • Lightweight

    • Easy to clean

  • 8L

    Product Size (Approx.): 20cm(W) x 28cm(D) x 30cm(H)


    Product Size (Approx.): 20cm(W) x 28cm(D) x 35cm(H)


    Product Size (Approx.): 23cm(W) x 31cm(D) x 40cm(H)


    Product Size (Approx.): 26cm(W) x 35cm(D) x 43cm(H)


    Product Size (Approx.): 30cm(W) x 41cm(D) x 50cm(H)

    **The size of the product is for reference only, actual size may differ slightly



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