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Oust Descaler (3 Sachets)

  • Oust all purpose descaler can remove up to 100% limescale from nearly all of your small kitchen appliances.

    Results in just 10 minutes; descale your kettles, coffee machines, steam irons and shower heads today.


    • Powerful limescale removal

    • Results in 10 mins

    • Helps prolong appliance life

    • 3x treatment sachets

    • Made in UK

  • Citric acid >95%, Einecs: 201-069-1 CAS: 77-92-9 [Xi] R36

  • Kettles: Half fill with water and boil, then unplug and place in empty sink. Slowly add contents of sachet. Leave for 10 minutes. Use 2 sachets for heavy scale. Pour solution away, rinse kettle with cold water, boil again with clean water and rinse again.

    Irons: Heat until hand hot then unplug, empty contents of sachet into a jug and pour into iron's water chamber. Top up with water and set to steam position (DO NOT turn iron on). Place iron face down int an empty plastic bowl and shake gently until solution starts to drain through steam holes. Leave for 10 minutes - if iron has a spray button, briefly pump any remaining solution through. Rinse thoroughly with cold water, drain and dry. Briefly iron a spare piece of fabric before using to ensure solution is completely cleansed.

    Coffee Makers: Half fill water reservoir with water and add sachet. Switch machine on and allow about half of the solution to filter through before switching off. Wait 10 minutes, then switch machine on to filter through remainder of solution, before running the machine twice with clean water.

    Shower Heads: Detach head and place into jug. Empty 1 sachet into jug, add enough hot water to submerge head. Leave for 10 minutes. Pour solution away, rinse well with clean water and reassemble shower head.

  • Warning : Causes severe skin burns and eye damage . Corrosive to the respiratory tract . If medical advice is needed , have product container or label at hand . Keep out of reach of children . Wear protective gloves eye protection . IF ON SKIN ( or hair ) : Take off immediately all contaminated clothing Rinse skin with water [ or shower ] . IF IN EYES : Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes . Remove contact lenses , if present and easy to do . Continue rinsing . IF SWALLOWED : Rinse mouth . Do NOT induce vomiting . Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor / physician.