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Gillette Sensor 3 Comfort Disposable Razors 5 pcs

For the ultimate shave and clean look, choose Gillette sensor 3 comfort razors. Up to 10 shaves per razor

• Optimal Shave Indicator Strip - fades to white as razor performance is diminished

• Uniquely shaped non-slip rubber handle for control and maneuverability

• Soft protective microfins help protect your skin from nicks and cuts

• 40 degrees of flexible rotation, glides around the contours of the face

• Three-layer blade technology effectively reduces irritation when shaving

• Soft protective fins help protect skin from scratches and cuts

• Unique non-slip rubber handle for easy control and operation

• Lube strips that turn white as shaver performance degrades

• Made in Poland


* For the best experience, it is recommended to replace the shaver with a new one after 10 uses