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Foldable Trash Can

  • For the ultimate convenient trash bin, this is your answer.

    Traditional trash cans require a floor space which many of us may not have the luxury to place. Instead, you should opt for this foldable and mountable trash bin that merely takes any space on your wall but can be opened/ extended to store more trash.

    A must have for the kitchen: depending on your height you can adjust the position to reduce bending over when disposing trash. Furthermore the handle allows ease of use and its suitable for nearly every room of the house.

    Dual Opening: There is an opening handle attached for easy opening, and the body can also be opened from the bottom.

    There is an additional part which helps secure the bin bags in place located on the tip of the trash bin.

    This trash bin can be mounted against the wall or left standing. It is suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office and more.

  • Folded Size (approx): 25cm (W) x 4.7cm (D) x 28cm (H)

    Opened Size (approx): 25cm (W) x12.5cm (D) x 28cm (H)