Deodourising Tutorial for Summer Days Vol.3 - Household Odour

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  • Deodourising Tutorial for Summer Days Vol.3 - Household Odour

    September 22, 2023 12 min read


    As the summer weather brings both humidity and heat, it becomes easier for unpleasant odors to infiltrate our homes. Neglecting to address these odors can not only cause discomfort to our noses, but also lead to a deterioration of household hygiene over time. And let's face it, nobody wants to deal with a stinky house! Today, Spot On will lead you through a home tour to sniff out the potential sources of these odors and give you effective solutions to restore your living space to a fresh and inviting sanctuary.

    Source of Odor at the Entrance: The Shoe Cabinet

    Picture this: you've been rocking your favorite socks and shoes all day long, and as a result, your feet have been working up quite a sweat. When you finally kick off those shoes, an unpleasant odor wafts through the air, hard proof that your feet have been so hard-working. Not to mention the rainy days, when your socks were soaked in both rain and sweat. Yikes! Now, imagine storing multiple pairs of these smelly shoes in a small, confined cabinet. It's like a stench bomb waiting to explode! But fear not, we've got just the tricks to tackle the shoe cabinet odor problem. You can bid farewell to funky foot smells and reclaim a breath of fresh air when you open your shoe cabinet!

    Shoes and shoe cabinets could be a source of household odor

    Methods to deodorize shoe cabinets and shoes:

      Let’s unveil the full power of the humble newspaper - Newspaper contains carbon components in its ink that eliminate the odor because the bad smell comes from bacteria that have a good breeding ground due to the moisture, the newspaper takes away the moisture and thus kills the foul smelling odor producing bacteria! It's like having a low-cost DIY bamboo charcoal moisture absorber. Simply crumple up some newspaper and place it inside the culprit shoes. By the next day, voila! The shoe odor magically disappears like it was never here. This method is quick, easy, and what’s more? It’s almost zero-cost!

        Good news for tea lovers and coffee enthusiasts - Your favorite beverages have more to offer than just a delightful sip. Tea leaves with their tannic acid, as well as coffee grounds with their nitrogen content that have porous structures after drying, makes them excellent at absorbing moisture and banishing odors. Want to put them to work? Gather some dried tea leaves or coffee grounds and place them in tea bags or thin stockings to create your very own DIY moisture-absorbing sachets. It's a budget-friendly and effective solution that will leave your shoe cabinet smelling fresh and fabulous.

        Use ground coffee or tea leaves to deodorise

        Quick tip: Before creating the sachets, make sure to dry or roast the tea leaves and coffee grounds thoroughly. We don't want any extra funky odors from moldy materials! And here's a bonus tip for those who don’t make coffee with grounds - Many chain stores or small shops offer free coffee grounds, so grab a container and collect them whenever you can.

          When you've just come in from a rainy day, your shoes can feel a bit soggy. If that’s the case, don’t tuck them away in the shoe cabinet yet! It's crucial to let those shoes dry completely, both inside and out. The sealed environment of the shoe cabinet won't do your shoes any favors if they're still damp. Proper drying not only helps prevent bacteria growth but also keeps odors at bay. So give your shoes the time they need to dry out before finding their cozy spot in the shoe cabinet.

          DoDoME Antibacterial & Deodorant Shoe Spray 260ml
          DoDoME Antibacterial & Deodorant Shoe Spray 260ml

            Say hello to our odor-fighting hero, the DoDoME Antibacterial & Deodorant Shoe Spray! This magical spray is specifically designed to combat bacteria in shoes. Features an ultra-fine atomizing spray for full coverage, the spray dries instantly without wetness or mess. It’s a strong warrior that fights against the humidity and odors that plague your favorite socks. Don't miss out on this Japanese gem that's ready to save the day.

              This next method may raise some eyebrows, but I guarantee that you’d find it genius too! Cat litter, known for its moisture-absorbing and odor-eliminating properties, works like a charm. And if it can handle a cat's urine, your shoe odor doesn't even stand a chance to linger! For a quick shoe deodorizing fix, pour some tofu cat litter directly into the shoes and let it work its magic overnight. For a shoe cabinet rescue mission, place the cat litter in a box, cover it with cling film, and poke a few holes on top to create a moisture-absorbing box for the cabinet. Alternatively, you can pour the cat litter into thin, old socks, tie them up, and place them in the shoe cabinet. This readily available material can be your secret weapon, just do it discreetly if you don’t want your feline friends to be mad at you!

              Cat litter helps to dehumidify and deodorise
              Meow! What did you just say about my toilet?!

              With these fantastic methods at your disposal, there’s no more embarrassment when guests come and open your shoe cabinet.

              Source of Odor in the Kitchen: The Drain

              Walking into the kitchen, the worst case is that your sink drain smells of rotten food. The kitchen sink is the unsung hero that silently takes on the task of disposing of your leftover sauces and food bits. However, when the drain becomes clogged by oily substances or not cleaned properly, the food trapped in the drain will decompose, causing serious odor problems that make you wanna puke! Aside from the odor issue, clogged drains can also attract mosquitoes and other insects, worsening the kitchen hygiene. But fear not, because we're going to provide you some simple tips to battle against odors!

              Methods to Deodorize the Drain:

              1. Baking soda + white vinegar: The Ace Duo for Deodorizing and Degreasing

              Baking soda and white vinegar are the household staples that not only work wonders for general cleaning but also possess magical deodorizing and degreasing properties when it comes to drains. You’ll meet the long-missed smooth flowing drain again in no time!

              The method is delightfully simple. First, pour about half a cup of baking soda into the drain (increase the amount if heavy grease is present), followed by half a cup of white vinegar. Now, sit back and wait for 15-30 minutes as the magical chemical reaction takes place. Finally, give your drain a refreshing rinse with hot water.

              However, do keep in mind that this method is primarily effective for deodorizing and dissolving grease. If the clog is caused by food residue, you may need to enlist the help of a drain cleaner to tackle the problem!

              2. Regular Use of a Powerful Drain Cleaner

              Sometimes, the battle against a stubborn clog requires a more potent weapon. That's when the renowned American brand, Elbow Grease Drain Unblocker saves the day. This formidable solution is designed to dissolve blockages at lightning-fast speed.

              Elbow Grease Drain Unblocker 750ml
              Elbow Grease Drain Unblocker 750ml

              Here's how it works: Simply pour Elbow Grease Drain Unblocker and witness its swift action in as soon as 30 minutes. For more severe clogs, leave it for overnight before giving it a final flush with hot water. It is highly recommended to incorporate regular drain cleaning into your monthly routine to maintain kitchen hygiene and keep your kitchen fresh.

              Now we’ve shared these tips with you, you’re fully prepared to conquer the drain and cook up some hearty dishes with no odor in your way!

              Source of Odor in the Bathroom: The Toilet

              The toilet is the not-so-mysterious source of bathroom odors. But why is it that even after diligently cleaning the stains in the toilet bowl, a lingering smell may persist? Well, the hard-to-swallow truth is that toilet odor isn't just confined to visible stains; it can also emanate from hidden corners where urine deposits have accumulated over time. But rest assured, we’re going to guide you to deodorize your toilet and restore a fresher bathroom!

              The toilet bowl could be the source of bathroom odor

              Methods to Deodorize the Toilet:

                Think the toilet bowl is the only area that needs attention? That’s not quite the truth. There are inevitable splashes of water when we use the toilet, and these splashes can soil the edges of the toilet bowl and even the underside of the toilet seat. Thus, lifting the toilet seat for cleaning is a daily task that you should not skip!

                For households with male members, it becomes even more crucial to pay attention to the hygiene of the toilet bowl edges. Despite caution, there's always a chance of urine splashing onto the edges. If left uncleaned, bacteria can breed, resulting in the revolting smell of urine. So, be thorough in your cleaning endeavors!

                  The market offers a wide array of toilet cleaning products, some of which are specifically designed for deep cleaning the toilet bowl. After a thorough cleanse, you can incorporate scented balls or gel products into your maintenance routine. These not only prevent stain accumulation but also infuse your bathroom with a pleasant fragrance, effectively combating odors.

                  Introducing 2 remarkable products from Spot On that can assist you in this quest:

                  Astonish Toilet Bowl Fizz and Fresh
                  Astonish Toilet Bowl Fizz and Fresh
                  Astonish Toilet Bowl Fizz and Fresh

                  Hailing from the UK, Astonish Toilet Bowl Fizz and Fresh claim to deep clean the toilet bowl to deliver a shiny result without the need for scrubbing! The formula automatically foams up, facilitating deep cleaning by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria while removing limescale, calcium and rust stains from the U-bend. Simply leave it for 20 minutes, flush the toilet, and experience a fresh and bright toilet bowl! For more stubborn stains, leaving it overnight before flushing will yield even more impressive results.

                  Domestos Power 5 Toilet Blocks
                  Domestos Power 5 Toilet Blocks
                  Domestos Power 5 Toilet Blocks

                  Hang Domestos Power 5 Toilet Blocks on the edge of the toilet bowl after deep cleaning to maintain optimal cleanliness. These cleaning blocks offer 5 major benefits - releasing rich foam upon flushing, preventing limescale buildup, removing stubborn stains, keeping the toilet shiny, and emitting a long-lasting fresh scent throughout your bathroom. With these cleaning balls in action, you can effortlessly maintain basic cleanliness, reducing the frequency of deep cleaning—truly a valuable ally in minimizing household chores.

                  Now that we’ve unveiled the secrets to a fragrant throne, you can sit on your toilet for as long as you wish instead of wanting to rush out of it once you’re done!

                  Source of Odor in the Bedroom: The Mattress

                  Your mattress, the cozy haven where dreams unfold, can harbor unwanted odors despite the protective bed sheets. Over time, mattresses accumulate dirt and grime, and they require proper maintenance. Our sweat during sleep, period leaks that seeps through the sheets, or even pet stains can contribute to unpleasant odors emanating from our trusted sleep surface. Since we spend a significant portion of our lives on the mattress, it's imperative to maintain its cleanliness and eradicate odors for a peaceful slumber.

                  Methods to Deodorize the Mattress:

                    It could be devastating when you wake up and see period leaks, but it's crucial to act promptly, because the longer the stains stay, the more challenging they become to remove. Hydrogen peroxide proves super effective for tackling blood stains, thanks to its oxidizing properties that break down the enzymes present in blood stains.

                    Simply spray 3% hydrogen peroxide (avoid concentrations higher than 3% to prevent discoloration) onto the blood stains, then gently wipe the area with a damp cloth until the stains vanish. If hydrogen peroxide is unavailable, you can use contact lens solution containing hydrogen peroxide for a similar effect.

                    There are effective ways to remove blood stain and odor in mattress

                    In the absence of both hydrogen peroxide and contact lens solution, you can still clean up the mess by creating a solution by mixing lemon juice with salt. Apply the mixture to the blood stains using a cloth. Lemon acid also aids breaking down the enzymes, surpassing the effectiveness of plain water or cleaning solutions.

                    Important note: Avoid using hot water to clean blood stains, as the proteins present in blood can coagulate under hot or warm water, rendering the stains more stubborn and difficult to remove.

                      For those grappling with bedwetting incidents involving children or pets, again, use the duo of baking soda and white vinegar! These versatile cleaning agents work wonders in eliminating urine stains and odors as well. Here's how to employ them effectively:

                      Stardrops White Vinegar Spray 750ml
                      Stardrops White Vinegar Spray 750ml

                      Begin by blotting up as much urine as possible using a towel or paper towel until no more can be absorbed. Next, apply white vinegar spray onto the urine stain, be careful not to oversaturate the area. Use a towel to blot away any excess vinegar. Once the mattress surface is mostly dry, generously sprinkle baking soda onto the urine stain (if you want extra fragrance for your mattress, add 3-5 drops of essential oil to the baking soda). Allow the baking soda to sit for 8-10 hours, then thoroughly vacuum up the powder once it has dried. Should urine stains or odors persist, repeat the process until the mattress is entirely clean.

                        If the source of your mattress odor isn't blood or urine stains, but the accumulation of dead skin cells, oils or sweat that accumulate over time, a scented deodorizing spray can offer swift relief before considering mattress replacement.

                        [P&G] Febreze Fabric Refresher Antibacterial 500ml
                        [P&G] Febreze Fabric Refresher Antibacterial 500ml

                        Febreze Fabric Refresher uses a patented technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria. Its fine particles can seep into fabric and kill the odor-causing bacteria. Spray to neutralize odors instead of just masking them! Deodorizing sprays are a convenient solution to deodorize clothing that you don't usually put into a washing machine, and your smelly mattress!

                        Enjoy the rejuvenating power of a fresh mattress, ensuring restful nights and energized mornings.

                        Source of Odor in the Storage Room: The Wardrobe

                        The odor from wardrobes may emit milder scents compared to others mentioned before. However, it’d be unwise to dismiss the issue just because it’s more subtle. After all, you’ll wear these clothes to meet other people, and the smell would definitely influence the impression you make on others. Considering you encounter these smells all day long, it's essential to maintain a wardrobe that emanates a refreshing fragrance. Let's explore effective methods to deodorize your wardrobe and ensure that your clothes give a pleasant smell, as well as a smart impression to others.

                        Methods to Deodorize the Wardrobe

                        Airscents Interior Dehumidifier
                        Airscents Interior Dehumidifier

                          Airscents Interior Dehumidifier is now available on Spot On! Its 3-in-1 function includes moisture absorption, mildew prevention and deodorization, which is all that you want for your wardrobe! 4 in a pack, there are 2 x fresh linen, 1 x cherry and 1 x jasmine, making your clothes smell nicer than ever! It starts working once you remove the plastic and the foil wrapper. Underneath is an extra strong water blocking paper that seals the box, so even if the box tumbles, the liquid won’t spill and spoil your clothes!

                          2. Ensure Thorough Drying of Clothes before Storing Them

                            Different garments possess varying thicknesses, and the fabric type can also have various impacts on the drying time. While it may be tempting to store all your clothes at once, placing even slightly damp garments in a sealed and humid environment promotes bacterial growth, leading to musty odors. Additionally, these odors can transfer to other clothes in the wardrobe. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure your clothes are completely dry before stowing them away.

                            3. Do the Laundry Properly to Banish Odors

                            Relying solely on regular laundry detergent may not suffice for stubborn odors. Employ antibacterial laundry detergent or other specialized products to eliminate bacteria causing the odors. Additionally, be very particular about how you dry your clothes - this makes a huge difference. Given that clothing odors can significantly impact overall freshness, Spot On have written a comprehensive tutorial on removing clothing odors. (And it’s actually the first volume of this series, just so you know how important this issue is!) Make sure to explore our tutorial for additional tips and guidance!


                            After reading these 3 volumes of deodorizing tutorials, you should be able to handle most of the common household odor in summer! Odor is closely related to personal and household hygiene, so do pay more attention to the details to prevent odor - That’s much easier than to cure!

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