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  • Best Christmas Gift Under $300: Donna Chang Scented Sachets Sets

    December 19, 2023 5 min read

    【2023聖誕禮物】$300交換禮物推薦:Donna Chang香包套裝

    'Tis the season to be jolly! It’s the first Christmas after the pandemic! And what better way to celebrate than by attending Christmas parties with our loved ones? However, the delightful yet troubling problem arises: you’ll have to buy the perfect Christmas gifts for friends and family from different social circles. But fret not, for we have brought back a special treasure from Thailand just in time for December - scented sachets from the luxurious fragrance brand, Donna Chang. This exquisite brand offers the ideal Christmas gift, for both your loved ones and yourself! Let us delve into the magic of Donna Chang and discover why it is the perfect choice for spreading Christmas cheer!

    Luxurious Fragrance Brand From Thailand: Donna Chang

    Picture this - a cozy winter evening, twinkling lights, and the sweet scent of Donna Chang's fragrant sachets filling the air! These sachets are a gift from nature itself, with their main ingredients derived from plant extracts. They exude an elegance and grace that is reminiscent of the finest Thai hotels, because Donna Chang is indeed the aromatic products these hotels use! The carefully crafted scents, a blend of floral notes, fruits, and spices, create a unique and refined fragrance that will captivate the hearts of your loved ones. Whether it's for your girlfriend, boyfriend, family or friends, Donna Chang's sachets are a versatile choice - a symbol of luxury and practicality. They effortlessly elevate any space, allowing the recipient to showcase their impeccable taste in every corner of their home.

    But that's not all! Donna Chang goes above and beyond to ensure a long-lasting aromatic experience. The sachets are carefully infused with essential oils and specially crafted fragrances, allowing them to emit their delightful scent for 2-3 months. And to prolong the fragrance even further, each sachet set includes a 3ml spray bottle of essential oil. A simple spritz rejuvenates the sachet, ensuring its fragrance lingers in the air, spreading joy and warmth throughout the holiday season.

    The Elegant Design

    To complement the enchanting fragrances, Donna Chang presents the sachets in a truly Christmas-worthy packaging. The outer box and canvas bag of the sachet set feature a design inspired by the beauty of traditional Chinese ink painting, helping to create a tranquil atmosphere in your household. With the included China Blue ribbon, the sachets can be easily hung on closets, bedside tables, or office desks, transforming your personal space into a haven of relaxation and serenity. The sachets themselves are adorned with elegant tassels, reminiscent of delicate Christmas decorations, adding a touch of festive charm to any room.

    So this Christmas, let Donna Chang be your guiding light in selecting the perfect gift for your loved ones. With its captivating fragrances, luxurious presentation, and lasting quality, Donna Chang's sachet sets are the embodiment of the holiday spirit. Spread joy, love, and a hint of indulgence with the gift of Donna Chang, and make this Christmas truly magical for your friends and family.

    5 Fragrances Available

    5 Fragrances of Donna Chang Sets
    5 Fragrances of Donna Chang Sets

    For the holiday season, we recommend the Almond Vanilla Perfumed Sachet. Its warm and festive aroma will remind everyone of freshly baked Christmas treats. Imagine the joy of opening presents surrounded by the sweet scent of almond and vanilla!

    If you're searching for a gift for the outgoing and sporty individuals in your life, the Lime Orange Perfumed Sachet is the perfect choice. Its fresh citrus scent is invigorating and appeals to people of all ages. It's like capturing the essence of a morning walk in the orange groves.

    For the beauty queens who are always in their best conditions, the Wild Rose Perfumed Sachet will make their hearts skip a beat. Donna Chang uses only the finest and most authentic rose scent, evoking a sense of elegance and femininity. It's truly a gift that will make them feel special and cherished.

    The Tangerine Peony Perfumed Sachet is perfect for the cute and sweet girls in your life. The delicate floral scent of peony combined with the refreshing notes of mandarin creates a lively and joyful atmosphere. Just imagine the giggles and smiles as they unwrap this delightful gift!

    For the sophisticated and artistic individuals, the Alluring Gardenia Perfumed Sachet is a must-have. Its pure and elegant white flower scent exudes class and refinement. Placing it in their home will create a serene and peaceful ambiance, perfect for the holiday season.

    And the best part? Our fragrance sachets are now available at a special Christmas price! Originally priced at $284 each, they are now discounted to $237. But wait, there's more! Buy two sets and enjoy a special price of $399 for both. Mix and match the scents to your heart's content! Plus, buying two sets gives you a chance to win prizes at two parties. It's a win-win situation!

    What are the Options for Gifts Under $100?

    It's not easy to exchange gifts with acquaintances and colleagues. The annual company Christmas party can be a headache for many people. Fortunately, the budget for this kind of gift exchange is usually under $100! We have selected some Christmas gifts under $100 that are appropriate and useful for everyone.

    Bouquet Garni Perfumed Sachets From Korea

    The Korean Bouquet Garni perfumed sachets can help dehumidifying and deodorizing. They also use a special material to keep the fragrance for longer. These small sachets can be placed in closets, shoe cabinets, drawers, or even in your handbags! With Hong Kong’s humid weather, anyone would be pleased to receive it as a Christmas gift! The packaging design is beautiful and cute as well, so it will be a perfect gift for colleagues and acquaintances alike!

    We have 6 types of Korean Bouquet Garni fragrance sachets available at under $100, including black cherry, white musk, clean soap, baby powder, cotton fresh, and ylang ylang scents. Each scent can eliminate odours in the house and make everything smell fresh!

    Christmas Party Snack Recommendations

    Chocolate is perfect for winter! For this year's party, buying a few packs of Double Crunchy Chocolate Biscuits and sharing them with friends and family will bring a joyful satisfaction! We have brought two limited edition winter flavours of chocolate biscuits from Japan, each pack contains 2 flavours, taking care of everyone's tastes.

    Double Crunchy Strawberry Chocolate Biscuits

    Double Crunchy Strawberry Chocolate Biscuits 118g

    Double Crunchy Strawberry Chocolate Biscuits contain 2 flavours: strawberry and strawberry milk. It has 3 layers of texture, including dried strawberry, crispy cookies, and milk chocolate. The combination of Japanese strawberries and sweet chocolate is unbeatable!

    Double Crunchy Milk Chocolate Biscuits (Milk Choc & Vanilla)

    Double Crunchy Milk Chocolate Biscuits (Milk Choc & Vanilla) 126g

    Taste both milk chocolate and vanilla chocolate in Double Crunchy Milk Chocolate Biscuits! The chocolate coating, crispy cookies, and cornflakes create a 3-layer texture. It's a must-have at parties!

    This year, get everything for Christmas parties from Spot On! Those who haven't bought Christmas gifts don't need to worry - Go and get your loved ones a thoughtful and exquisite perfumed sachet to express your feelings!

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