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Care Essentials Heat Relief Pads (2 pcs)

  • Self warming pads to gentle soothe and ease pain caused by muscular ache. Effectively helps relieve pain from the back and deep muscles pains as well.


    • Discreet and comfortable

    • Fragrance free

    • Drug free

    • Two pads per box

    • Made in P.R.C

    Do Not Apply Directly On Skin.

  • Iron powder, Water, Vermiculite, Activated Carbon

  • Open wrapper by hand ( do not cut ) . The heat relief pad is air activated . DO NOT open the wrapper until you are ready to use . Remove protective backing and place directly onto clothing next to required area . DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO SKIN . The heat relief pad warms up gradually and reaches maximum heat within 20 minutes . Dispose of pad correctly after use . DO NOT incinerate .

  • Warning : DO NOT APPLY HEAT RELIEF PAD DIRECTLY TO SKIN For external use only . Use only as directed . Each heat relief pad is for single use only . DO NOT use the heat relief pad while sleeping . Allow air to circulate over the pad and DO NOT apply pressure . If the pad becomes uncomfortably hot remove immediately . DO NOT use on inflamed , broken , bruised or irritated skin . If rash develops , discontinue use immediately . Be careful when applying the heat relief pad to thin clothing where skin could be exposed directly to the pad . Careful supervision required when used on elderly or disabled ( those unable to remove the heat pad by themselves . ) DO NOT use with other creams , lotions or rubs applied to skin or with / near to other heat sources . NOT suitable for people with exceptionally sensitive skin . If in doubt consult your doctor before use . If you have : rheumatoid arthritis , poor circulation , nerve damage , sensory impairment , a skin condition , are diabetic or pregnant , please consult your doctor before use . NOT suitable for children . If swallowed , please consult your doctor immediately . KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN & PETS . DO NOT cut or tear the heat relief pad . DO NOT microwave the heat relief pad . DO NOT bring the pad into contact with water or other liquids . DO NOT use the pad on thin or delicate fabrics as adhesive may cause damage .