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  • 【Shaving FAQs】All Your Questions About Shaving, Answered!

    March 28, 2024 6 min read

    剃鬚刀用幾耐?電鬚刨可以濕剃嗎?| 一文解答剃鬚用品常見問題

    How Long Does a Razor Last?

    When it comes to razors, we all want to know how long they can go the distance. Typically, razor brands suggest swapping out your trusty blade every two weeks. But here's the fact - the lifespan of your razor can actually vary depending on your shaving habits and hair type. So, how can you tell when it's time for a change?

    First things first - sharpness matters. If your razor starts tugging at your hair, causing redness or even cuts, that's a clear sign it's losing its touch. And trust me, you don't want to settle for a subpar shaving experience. So, when you start feeling like your razor is just not cutting it anymore, it's time to get a new one!

    Now, let's talk about electric shavers. These beasts are built to last! With proper care, you can replace the shaver head approximately every 2 years. That's right, gents - you can enjoy two whole years of reliable grooming. Just remember, different brands have different lifespans, so check the instruction manual for the recommended replacement period.

    Spot On Recommendations

    Gillette Mach3 Men's Razor

    Meet the Gillette Mach3 Men's Razor - a true game-changer. Its three-layer progressive blade technology effortlessly adapts to the contours of your face. Plus, with ten skin guard fins, it reduces irritation and cuts, giving you the smoothest, most comfortable shave you've ever experienced.

    Official information states that this razor is designed to handle 15 shaves. And to make it even easier for you, it comes equipped with a handy indicator strip. Once that strip has lost its colour, it's your cue to grab a fresh razor. But let me tell you a secret to help you save money - These suggestions are based on Westerners’ experiences, and they tend to have thicker beards. So if your razor is still doing the job well, keep on rocking it!

    Shaving Gel VS Shaving Foam - Which One should I Use?

    When it comes to shaving, choosing between shaving gel and shaving foam can be a tough call. It’s easy to just say that both shaving gels and shaving foams have their own advantages, and you can choose based on your personal preference. But for you to make an informed choice, we’re exploring the differences between the two, so you can decide which one suits your shaving habits better!

    Shaving foam VS Shaving gel
    Different textures of shaving foam and shaving gel

    Shaving gel starts as a smooth gel, but the moment it touches your face, it emulsifies into a luxurious foam. This foam is a master of precision, ensuring a closer shave by hugging every contour of your face. And here's the difference - shaving gels are known for their high lubricating properties. That means less irritation, fewer redness flare-ups, and a reduced risk of those pesky little cuts. So, if your sensitive skin needs some extra love, the shaving gel is your knight in shining armour.

    Now, let's talk about the shaving foam. It boasts a finer and more stable texture, allowing it to linger on your skin for a longer period. It's like a soothing blanket, softening both your skin and facial hair. Plus, shaving foams are usually infused with alcohol, which makes them a breeze to rinse off with water. However, they may leave your skin feeling a tad drier. But, friends with sensitive-skinned, fear not, just grab some moisturising post-shave products to keep your face hydrated and happy after your shave.

    Spot On Feature

    Gillette Mach3 Extra Comfort Shave Gel

    Gillette Mach3 Extra Comfort Shave Gel

    Gillette Mach3 Extra Comfort Shave Gel is a true hero - With its special formula packed with extra lubricating ingredients, it's designed to help reduce irritation, cuts, damage, burning sensations, and that dreaded stinging feeling. But it doesn't stop there. It also forms a protective barrier, shielding your precious skin from all sorts of external irritations. And as an added bonus, it enhances skin hydration, leaving you with a fresh and rejuvenated face. Suitable for all skin types, this one's definitely worth a shot.

    Gillette Sensitive Shave Foam

    Gillette Sensitive Shave Foam

    Now, for those with sensitive skin but still prefer a shaving foam, we've got just the thing for you - Gillette Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam. This foam adopts a gentle formula, infused with non-greasy moisturising ingredients that lock in your skin's natural moisture. So there’s no more post-shave dryness and tightness! With this foam by your side, your sensitive skin will be in for a foamy treat.

    Can I Use Shaving Gel or Foam with an Electric Shaver?

    We all know that electric shavers are a game-changer, gliding effortlessly over the skin with minimal friction. But do they really need the extra help from our trusty shaving companions? Let's find out.

    First things first, electric shavers are designed to ensure a smooth shave, even without the extra lubrication. However, there are a few factors to consider. If you have dry and sensitive skin or a coarse beard, wet shaving might be your best bet. Wet shaving provides that extra layer of protection and hydration, reducing the risk of irritation and delivering a closer, smoother shave. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to learn more about shaving care here: 【Men's Care】Comprehensive Pre- and Post-Shaving Relief

    Now, here's the exciting part - most modern electric shavers are compatible with wet shaving! Before you dive in, make sure to consult the instruction manual for your specific model. Wet shaving allows you to unleash the power of your electric shaver while enjoying a refreshing shower or with your favourite shaving gel or foam - It's like an elevated shaving experience. Just remember, when buying an electric shaver, double-check the product description to ensure it supports wet shaving.

    You have almost mastered the art of wet shaving - Here's one more pro tip for all you shaving cream lovers out there. If you choose to use shaving cream with your electric shaver, remember to apply just a thin layer. Too much cream can clog the blades and hinder their contact with the hair, resulting in an incomplete shave. So, go easy on the cream and let your electric shaver work its magic.

    How to Thoroughly Clean a Razor/Shaver that Gets Hair Stuck in It?

    Looking to keep your razor in top shape? We've got you covered with these easy cleaning steps!

    Razor Cleaning Steps

    1. Rinse under the tap

    Start by placing the blades and the head under running water. Give them a good rinse to get rid of any lingering shaving cream and hair. Let the water flow from the back of the blades to the front for an easier removal of any trapped hair.

    1. Soak for a thorough clean

    If stubborn hairs are still causing trouble, soak the head in water and gently shake it to flush them out. Be careful not to go too rough, as we don't want any damage to the razor's structure that hinders its performance.

    1. Air dry

    After a thorough cleaning, it's time to let your razor air dry. Find a well-ventilated spot and let it bask in the fresh air. But remember, avoid wiping it with a towel or tissue. Those fibres can get stuck in the blades and dull them, affecting the razor's performance and lifespan.

    Electric Shaver Cleaning Steps

    Easy steps to clean your electric shaver
    Easy steps to clean your electric shaver
    1. Rinse it off

    Most modern electric shavers are waterproof, so take advantage of it! Run the foil and the head under the tap to rinse away any hair and leftover shaving cream. Make sure to leave no trace behind!

    1. Brush away the remnants

    If you're new to using an electric shaver and there's not a lot of hair stuck in it, grab a dedicated cleaning brush or a small brush to remove any remaining beard hair from the foil and head area. Time to sweep it clean!

    1. Go for a deep clean

    Some brands offer specialised cleaners for electric shavers. If you want to give your shaver that extra TLC, grab their dedicated cleaning agent for a deep cleaning experience. Follow the instructions for the best results.

    1. Let it dry like a champ

    To speed up the drying process, separate the foil and the head area and let them air dry individually. If you're in a hurry, a gentle wipe with a lint-free tissue or towel can also do the trick. Make sure everything is completely dry before putting it back together.

    There you have it, gents! Follow these cleaning steps, and your razor will be in tip-top condition, ready for your next shaving adventure. If you want to learn more about pre- and post-shaving to-dos and the skincare routine, don’t miss our article: 【Men's Care】Comprehensive Pre- and Post-Shaving Relief

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