Over 120 Years of History: Euthymol's Traditional Formula

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  • Over 120 Years of History: Euthymol's Traditional Formula

    July 10, 2023 5 min read

    超過120年歷史:英國經典 Euthymol 牙膏延續傳統配方

    Welcome to the diverse era of 2023, where brands continuously innovate while others remain true to tradition. As audiences vary in preferences, some seek the convenience of the latest technology while others favor the simplicity of traditional old brands. If you belong to the latter group, we have just the thing for you - the Euthymol classic pink toothpaste, introduced at an unbelievable price!

    Euthymol is a British oral care brand with a history of over 120 years. This well-known traditional brand has been used across generations of British families and has won the loyalty of many fans . What keeps Euthymol strong in the market? Let's find out!

    Euthymol Original Toothpaste
    Euthymol Original Toothpaste

    Loyal Fans of Euthymol

    Euthymol has an avid fan base who not only use the toothpaste on a daily basis for years, but also set up unofficial Facebook fan groups. When Euthymol toothpaste was briefly discontinued in mid-2013, these fans were totally devastated. They scoured major online stores and supermarkets in the UK for Euthymol toothpaste, and those who managed to get the last few tubes would also share information on the stock with each other. Aren’t they a lovely community!

    Some people who had stocked up on the toothpaste even started selling it online. At that time, the price of Euthymol on eBay went up to GBP£9.99 per piece, which, based on the average exchange rate in 2013 (1GBP:12HKD), was nearly HKD$120 per piece!

    By early 2014, Euthymol had adjusted its toothpaste formula to comply with the latest EU regulations and resumed production. Relieved Euthymol supporters could finally get their favourite toothpaste at an affordable price.

    Interestingly, when the toothpaste was discontinued, many Euthymol users said that they had been using Euthymol toothpaste for years and did not want to switch to other brands. What is the magical power of this toothpaste that makes users so loyal, and why do they refuse to use anything else?

    The Unexpected…

    Unexpectancy is always a surprising factor that brings a breath of fresh air, and surprising their customers time after time could be the secret to Euthymol’s super loyal fan base!

    When you see the elegant packaging, what do you imagine about Euthymol? Is it the standard cool mint-flavored white toothpaste? Interestingly, this toothpaste will definitely subvert your imagination!

    When squeezed out, what you would see is a bright and dreamy pink color that one would even call it girly! So, what do you think the flavour will be? Personally, I imagined it to be a sweet, bubblegum or cotton candy flavour. But guess what…

    Euthymol tastes a little peppery, some even say that it reminds them of root beer or the soft drink Sarsae!

    Pink Colour of Euthymol Toothpaste
    Pink Colour of Euthymol Toothpaste

    The color and flavor of Euthymol can be described as very unconventional, and it is still unique today. But in other respects, Euthymol toothpaste remains traditional and classic.

    The History of Euthymol

    Users who are unfamiliar with Euthymol may think its vintage and elegant packaging is a bit excessive. In fact, Euthymol has not changed its style much since it was founded in 1898. In the 21st century, this vintage aesthetic has become even more eye-catching.

    Euthymol is one of the earliest commercial toothpaste brands in the West, born during the Victorian period and having withstood two world wars and multiple economic crises. It still stands strong today! Let's take a look at Euthymol's packaging and ads in the early 20th century.

    Old packaging of euthymol tooth powder
    Old packaging of Euthymol Tooth Powder

    This is one of the earliest Euthymol tooth powder tins, dated back to around 1900. Tooth powder was still the primary product used for cleaning teeth at that time. Although there were toothpastes available on the market, it wasn't until World War I that toothpaste's popularity began to match that of tooth powder.

    Euthymol poster in WWI
    Euthymol poster in WWI

    This poster is an advertisement for Euthymol during the First World War. During the period, the entire nation was involved in the war, and all the different kinds of commercial products would portray themselves as ‘supplies for the army’ or highlight patriotic sentiments as marketing strategies. Euthymol was no exception, touting itself as the toothpaste for brave, young soldiers.

    Because of its extensive history and attractive packaging, Euthymol has become a sought-after item for history enthusiasts, who would collect vintage Euthymol product packaging and posters. In fact, Some museums have even included these items in their collections!

    The packaging is not the only element that’s reflective of the brand’s history, its formula is also a traditional one with minimal changes to cater all your modern needs.

    The Euthymol Formula

    In the days when the Euthymol launched, most ingredients in toothpastes were natural, and it wasn't until about the middle of the 20th century that adding fluoride to toothpaste became a common practice.

    Euthymol has been sticking to its ‘old school’ ways for over 120 years by keeping fluoride out of its toothpaste. But this doesn't mean Euthymol is any less effective at protecting your pearly whites!

    Fluoride is commonly known to prevent cavities, but too much fluoride can actually lead to dental fluorosis, which can cause unsightly stains and weaken your teeth. Although modern toothpastes have modified their fluoride concentration to make them safe to use, it’s always good to have different choices. Euthymol's fluoride-free formula offers a more natural choice for those who are allergic to fluoride.

    But how does Euthymol keep your teeth healthy without fluoride? Let's take a closer look at its ingredients in the Euthymol Original Toothpaste formula.


    Thymol is a natural ingredient extracted from thyme. With its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory features, it can work wonders in relieving inflammation in the mouth and throat, making it a go-to for ulcers and gum problems like gingivitis. Additionally, its natural antiseptic properties work to prevent the buildup of dental plaque, reducing the likelihood of tooth decay.

    Thymol also has a distinctive, slightly peppery taste, which happens to be the main flavor in Euthymol Original Toothpaste! So not only will your teeth and gums thank you for using Euthymol, but your taste buds will get a little kick too.

    Euthymol is added with thymol
    Euthymol is added with thymol

    Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate

    Calcium hydrogen phosphate is a safe, gentle abrasive. Not only does it help achieve a brighter, whiter smile through scrubbing away dental plaque and stains, but it also remineralizes teeth and prevents tooth decay, all without the use of fluoride!


    An important ingredient in peppermint essential oil, it adds a cooling sensation to toothpaste and is also the key to a long-lasting fresh breath!
    If you're looking for a toothpaste that's both traditional and effective, give Euthymol a try!

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