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Cif Stainless Steel Cleaner

  • With so many cleaners all claiming to make your surfaces brand new again, what about stainless steel items around your kitchen and bathroom? Look no further, as Cif stainless steel is designed for your steel products to clean them and bring back the shine.

    Restore your stainless steel products today.


    • Removes 100% of marks

    • Contains hine agents

    • Brilliantly polishes your stainless steel surfaces to offer a 100% streak-free shine

    • Effectively cleans without damaging your surfaces

    • Effective against limescale, grease, water marks and fingerprints

    • Made in UK

    Intended for use on stainless steel. Use carefully on appliance lettering and symbols. Avoid contact with aluminium, silver, marble, limestone, and wood.

  • <5% Anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants, perfume, Benzisothiazolinone, chloromethylisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone.

  • Nozzle opening/closure: Push down the safety clasp on top of the trigger while turning the nozzle of the sprayer to the working position. After use always turn the nozzle back to the STOP position.

    Instructions for use: Apply directly to cold surfaces. Ensure the product is spread evenly with a previously washed damp cloth. Wipe away with a clean damp cloth and rinse surface thoroughly.

    For best results, dry the surface after rinsing.

  • Warning : Keep out of reach of children. If in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: get medical advice/attention. Do not breathe dust or mist.

    Precautions: Intended for use on stainless steel, Use carefully on appliance lettering and symbols. Anvoid contact with aluminium, silver, marble limestone and wood. On painted and enamelled surfaces (i.e. hobburner covers), test first on a small inconspicuous area.