Subscription Vouchers T&C

Subscriber Vouchers Terms and Conditions (2022 May)

Participants that subscribe to Spot On newsletter and receive a discount code where you get $50 off from a minimum purchase of $200 HKD, can only be redeemed on

  • Deadline for the event is: 11:59 pm on June 9th, 2022, Hong Kong time.
  • A minimum purchase of $200 is required to use the voucher.
  • The vouchers cannot be used with other discount promotions.
  • Participants' final entry information and time are subject to computer records.
  • All information is subject to the records received by "Spot On", and any incorrect or incomplete information will be deemed invalid. If there are errors, omissions or incorrect information in the information, the winners will not be able to receive the prize notification and prizes.
  • If any inappropriate content is found, including but not limited to defamation, abusive, obscene, blasphemous, offensive, sexual purpose, coercion, harassment, commercial, politically illegal information, or remarks that violate or infringe the rights of third parties, "Spot On" has the right to delete relevant content immediately without prior notice.
  • Anything that causes a delay, loss, error, unrecognition, or damage to the information registered by the participant or winner due to computer, network, telephone, technical and other problems, resulting in invalid information, "Spot On" will not be responsibility for any liability.
  • Anyone who intentionally engages in any illegal or improper behavior to damage the fairness and fairness of the game or uses any program to deceive the results will be automatically disqualified. "Spot On" reserves all legal rights to claim damages or other compensation from the participants.
  • Participants' participation in this activity is voluntary, and all responsibilities caused by this activity have nothing to do with "Spot On", and "Spot On" will exempt all legal liabilities and compensation.
  • If it is found that anyone deliberately participates in this event with an invalid email or a fake account, "Spot On" has the right to cancel the participant's qualifications.
  • All prizes cannot be transferred to others, exchanged for cash or other goods, and are subject to the relevant rules and terms of use.
  • "Spot On", its advertising company or any related parties, are not required to bear any loss or damage (including indirect or incurring losses) or personal injury or death caused by participating in this event or any prizes. Any responsibility. Once the winner receives the prize, if it is damaged or lost or stolen, "Spot On" does not need to issue any certification or make any compensation.
  • If there are any changes to the terms and conditions of this event, no notice is required.
  • "Spot On" reserves the right to suspend or change these terms and arrangements regarding this event, and can cancel or suspend the event at any time, without prior notice and no responsibility for this.
  • This event has nothing to do with any social platform, and there is no social platform sponsorship, support or management.
  • In case of any dispute, "Spot On" reserves the right of final decision.